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Name: John Gargano
Ring Name(s): Cedrick Von Haussen, Joey Gray, Johnny Gargano
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Date of Birth: August 14, 1987
Working For: WWE NXT, AIW, etc
Mini Biography: Johnny Gargano's infatuation with wrestling skyrocketed at the age of eight-years-old, when he first stepped inside of a wrestling ring. Eight years later, the Ohio native would enroll in Cleveland All–Pro Wrestling's school, and since then the independent sensation has yet to quit. Making his professional wrestling debut in 2005, Johnny Gargano has since then torn through the independent wrestling world - making his name prominent in companies such as Dragon Gate USA and Chikara. Now he has made his way to WWE NXT, regularly teaming with good friend Tommaso Ciampa as well as being a competitor in the first ever Cruiserweight Classic. There is only one place for him - the top. Johnny Gargano is "All Heart" and has a long history to prove it.
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In a matter of days, Johnny Gargano came up short of capturing the NXT Tag Team Titles and was eliminated from the Cruiserweight Classic. How is Johnny Wrestling dealing with these setbacks?


If you've ever wanted to learn how to make a child cry, head on over to our partner site (Chuck-Taylor.org) for all the late-breaking news on the sexy Kentucky Gentleman. There, you can catch a glimpse of one of Johnny's most prominent tag team partners in their impressive gallery while keeping up-to-date on Kentucky's finest export!

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The current DGUSA ‘Open the freedom gate’ champion makes his Fight Club: PRO debut. Standing on the other side of the ring will be the ever impressive Jonathan Gresham. Straight of the back off a world tour touching down in Hong-Kong and Japan, Gresham has been Training, Fighting and Winning all over the globe.

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3. Johnny Gargano

If you’ve not heard the name Johnny Gargano, you’ve been living under the rock for the past year and need to leave Patrick Starr and get on with your day.

Gargano is one of the hottest prospects currently walking the Indies, competing primarily for Dragon Gate USA and CHIKARA, Gargano most recently made headlined due to interest shown from the boys in Connecticut.

Johnny has the look, he has the talking ability and the walking ability, at 24-years of age and almost a decade of experience already under his belt Johnny Gargano can’t go anywhere but upward as he strives to prove he isn’t just hype.

Gargano describes his in-ring persona as, “someone lacking self awareness and living in his own deluded little world”. Gargano is the current Dragon Gate USA Open the Freedom Gate Champion, as previously noted, he defeated former partner Chuck Taylor last weekend in an “I Quit” match which gained high acclaim from wrestling critics and fans alike.

And post match, Gargano would take to the microphone and much like others have to their respective independent promotions, announce he’d turned down a WWE contract offer and would be resigning with Dragon Gate USA.


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In a speech that earned high recognition from the fans in attendance, and those who watched Untouchable 2012 live on iPPV, Gargano confronted the rumors tearing through the independent scene. At one point stating that Dragon Gate is in his blood, his words were more accurate than ever when the young sensation signed a new deal; refusing to jump off the “sinking ship.”

Watch the video above to fully understand everything EVERYONE has been talking about.

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In a match that has slowly cultivated into a show of pure hatred, Johnny Gargano stood toe-to-toe with Chuck Taylor in an intense “I Quit” match up. Once former tag team partners, the two men’s relationship turned sour when Taylor turned his back on Ronin (Swann and Gargano), and ultimately turning cruel and unforgiving towards both men. At the recent EVOLVE 15 event, both men fought in a match for the Open the Freedom Gate championship – where Gargano ultimately walked away with a clean victory.

Tonight, the feud came to an end. Click the read more for detailed results.

Show »

Match #5 – I Quit Match: Johnny Gargano (DG USA Open The Freedom Gate Champion) vs. Chuck Taylor

The match begins with Gargano removing the Swamp Monster gear and he jumps Taylor from behind, Gargano then catches a jumping Taylor with a power bomb. Taylor rolls out of the ring before catching Gargano with a fore arm strike as he attempted a dive, Taylor then tosses Gargano into the crowd. Taylor continues to assault Gargano in the crowd, Garganorecovers to crack Taylor in the head multiple times with chair shots. Gargano and Taylor both start attacking each other with multiple chairs, Gargano then suplexes Taylor onto a pile of chairs. Both wrestlers then exchange strikes and they make their way through the crowd, they then make their move onto the stage. Taylor picks up Gargano and he slams him onto a speaker riser, Taylor brings Gargano near the ring to smash him on the ring apron. Garganothen grabs a ladder and he sets it up on the stage, Gargano then tosses Taylor onto the ladder. Gargano then brings both a chair and Taylor into the ring, Gargano then catches Taylor with a rolling kick to the head. Taylor then blocks the hurt donut and he nails Garganowith a DDT onto a chair, Taylor then wedges the chair between the top and middle ropes. Taylor then continues his attack by hitting Gargano with a uranage, Taylor then introduces the ladder into the ring. Gargano then back body drops Taylor into the ladder after a series of reversals, Gargano then nails Taylor with a drop kick while Taylor was stuck in the ladder.Gargano then finds a roll of barb wire and that is brought into the ring, Gargano then wraps the barb wire around the middle rope. Taylor then avoids the barb wire before propellingGargano into the chair, the fight then spills outside of the ring. Taylor then accidentally kicks the ring bell girl in the face and she goes out cold, Taylor then misses a dive from the stage and he eats both a super kick and chair shot from Gargano. The action spills back into the ring and Gargano attacks Taylor with chair shots to the midsection, Gargano goes to the top rope and Taylor throws a chair at him that knocks him off the top rope and through the ringside table. Taylor then brings a piece of a guard rail from under the ring and he places it from the ring apron the the set up guard rail, Taylor then steals the belt from the referee and he whips Gargano with it. Taylor then starts to choke Gargano with the belt, Gargano then catches a charging Taylor with a boot to the face. Gargano then diposes Taylor out of the ring before hitting him with a suicide dive, Gargano follows that up with a spear through the middle rope. Gargano then grabs the belt and he takes the opportunity to whip Taylor with it, Garganothen suplexes Taylor into the turnbuckles. Taylor then back body drops Gargano through the set up guard rail after a series of reversals, Taylor then brings Gargano back into the ring before applying the half crab. Gargano grabs a hold of the ropes and he eventually forces Taylor to let go of the hold, Taylor then dumps a pile of thumbtacks in the middle of the ring.Gargano escapes a few holds from Taylor before back body dropping him onto the pile of thumbtacks, Gargano then forces Taylor to put thumbtacks in his mouth before hitting him with a super kick. Taylor then grabs the microphone and he pleads with Gargano as Garganograbbed the barb wire, Gargano drops the barb wire and Taylor tries to double cross him.Gargano hits Taylor with the Hurts Donut, Gargano then locks Taylor in the Gargano Escape with the barb wire and Taylor finally says “I Quit.”

Winner: Johnny Gargano

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In a match much hyped by the internet upon it’s creation, Johnny Gargano finally stood toe-to-toe tonight with Akira Tozawa. In a bout for the ages, the two men fought with all of their hearts to ultimately give a show-stealing match up that will never be forgotten. Click the read more for complete results from tonight’s event!

Show »

After the match (Swann vs. Taylor), Open the Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano comes to he ring and he goes after Taylor to get him to release the hold on Swann. Gargano checks on Swann.Christina Von Eerie comes out and she brings up the Chuck Taylor stuff. She says that the title belt belongs to Tozawa. Von Eerie spits in Gargano’s face and Gargano thinks of retaliating but he decides to hold back.

Gargano helps Swann to the back.

Match Number EightOpen The Freedom Gate Title Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Akira Tozawa(with Christina Von Eerie)

They lock up and Gargano goes for the wrist. Tozawa rolls through and takes Gargano to the mat and he works on the leg. Gargano with an STF into a front face lock and he gets a near fall with a lateral press. Gargano with a single leg take down and then he returns to the wrist and applies a key lock. Tozawa makes it to the ropes with some help from Von Eerie.

Tozawa and Gargano with a Greco Roman knuckle lock but Tozawa with a kick and side head lock. Tozawa with a shoulder tackle but Gargano with an arm drag. Tozawa with an arm drag and senton but Gargano tries for Gargano escape but Tozawa moves. Gargano tries for a super kick but Tozawa gets out of the way.

They lock up and Tozawa backs Gargano into the corner but Tozawa misses a chop. Gargano with punches. Gargano with a kick and clothesline that sends Tozawa over the top rope to the floor. Tozawa trips Gargano and pulls him to the floor. Tozawa with a suicide dive. Gargano sends Tozawa to the floor and Gargano with a suicide dive. Tozawa with an elbow and suicide dive. Gargano with an elbow but Tozawa with a boot to Gargano. Gargano with a spear from the apron but he cannot capitalize on the advantage at this time.

Gargano with a slam to Tozawa followed by a baseball slide to the head and Gargano with a near fall. Gargano with a kick to the back and then he turns his attention to the shoulder. Gargano with a Fujiwara arm bar but Tozawa gets to the ropes.

Gargano with an elbow to the arm and then he wraps the arm in the ropes. Tozawa with an Irish whip but he runs into Gargano’s boots twice. Gargano goes for a cross body but Tozawa counters with a gutbuster and both men are down.

Tozawa kicks Gargano while trying to get some feeling back into his arm. Tozawa chokes Gargano and then he kicks Gargano in the head. Tozawa with another kick to Gargano. Tozwa with a slam and a back senton splash. Von Eerie throws the chair in the ring and Tozawa puts it on Gargano’s chest for a back senton while Von Eerie distracts the referee. Tozawa with a near fall.

Tozawa with kicks to Gargano and he chokes Johnny in the corner. Tozawa with another kick to the head followed by a punch. Tozawa with chops to Gargano in the corner and then he goes with the rapid fire chops. Tozawa calls for one more but he stops short and then punches Gargano in the face. Tozawa covers Gargano but Johnny was under the ropes so the referee does not make the count.

Tozawa with an Irish whip but Gargano gets his foot up and hits an enzuigiri. Tozawa charges at Gargano but Johnny ducks and Tozawa goes to the floor. Gargano goes to the apron and then hits a slingshot DDT when he returns to the ring. Both men are down and Johnny is unable to take advantage of the situation.

Gargano with the Kobashi chops to Tozawa in the corner but Tozawa with an Irish whip. Gargano with a knee to the head followed by a clothesline and running kick to the chest. Tozawa with a boot to a charging Gargano. Tozawa blocks a suplex and so does Gargano. They go back and forth and Gargano suplexes Tozawa into the turnbuckles and Gargano is only able to get a two count.

Gargano with a double sledge to the injured arm. Gargano with boots to Tozawa and Tozawa with an Irish whip and kick to the head in the corner. Tozawa with a Saito suplex for a near fall. Tozawa throws Gargano to the apron and Tozawa follows. Tozawa with a waist lock on the apron but Gargano with elbows. Gargano gets Tozawa on his shoulders but Tozawa gets to the ring. Gargano tries for the spear from the apron but Tozawa with knees to the head.

Tozawa puts Gargano on the top turnbuckle for a superplex but Gargano with a head butt. Tozawa with a bicycle kick to the head and Tozawa with a superplex and both men are down. Tozawa is only able to get a near fall because of the time it took to make the cover and the pain he is still feeling in his arm.

Tozawa with a forearm and Gargano returns fire. They go back and forth with forearms but Tozawa with a bicycle kick. Gargano with a super kick and discus lariat. Tozawa with a boot to the chest and Gargano fires back with a kick. Tozawa rolls through on a sunset flip and hits a Shining Wizard. Both men are down again.

They exchange forearms but this time from their knees. They get to their feet and Tozawa stops Gargano from going between the legs. Tozawa with a running forearm into the corner but Gargano with a drop kick into the corner. Gargano hits a belly-to-back superplex and then Gargano hits the lawn dart followed by a superkick but Tozawa kicks out at two.

Gargano applies the Gargano Escape but Tozawa gets his foot on the rope and the referee calls for a break of the hold. Tozawa rolls to the other side of the ring. Gargano goes to the apron and he connects with forearms. Gargano with a super kick but Tozawa with a boot to the head and a deadlift German suplex on the apron.

Tozawa picks up Gargano to bring him back into the ring. Tozawa picks up Gargano for another German suplex. Gargano holds on to the ropes and Tozawa with a kick to the head. Gargano with a victory roll for a near fall. Tozawa with a deadlift German suplex and bridge but Gargano kicks out. Gargano with the Gargano Escape and Tozawa gets to the ropes again.

Von Eerie gets on the apron but the referee sends her back to the floor. Gargano with kicks to the injured arm. Tozawa with a back heel kick but he misses a second kick. Tozawa with another German suplex and Tozawa hits a straightjacket deadlift German suplex but Gargano is able to kick out. Tozawa tries for another straightjacket deadlift German suplex but Gargano counters with Hurts Donut but only gets a two count.

Gargano hits Hurts Donut again and applies the Gargano Escape but this time he is in the center of the ring and Tozawa taps out.


Winner: Johnny Gargano


After the match, Gargano gets the mic and he sits in the center of the ring. Johnny thanks everyone in the crowd. Johnny tells the fans that they saw some of the best wrestling on the planet. Johnny says that he was the age of one of the fans in the front row when he went to his first wrestling show. He says that it was an independent wrestling show. That is what he fell in love with. Every kid talks about main eventing Wrestlemania. That is still is his dream. Johnny says that he wanted to be an independent professional wrestler.

Johnny says that it really upsets him when guys say that they are just doing indies to get to that next level. Johnny says that is cheating the fans out of their money. He comes out night in and night out to give the fans their money’s worth. Johnny says that people have been talking about his future.

Johnny says that he was offered a new deal by the Dragon Gate office. Johnny says that it pains him to see the current state of independent pro wrestling. He says that independent pro wrestling is slowly dying because people feel that they can make money in Florida. He says that he is not faulting those people. Johnny says that he is not going to jump off a sinking ship. He says that he is going to get the wheel and steer independent professional wrestling where it needs to go.

Johnny says that this is a good bye of sorts. When he won the title, he was just a kid who was happy to be here with a dream. He is now a man with a mission to make this title and Dragon Gate USA the premiere place in wrestling.

Johnny promises that he will not leave until his job and mission is done.

Johnny says that he was offered a new deal and he says that he took it.

Johnny says that independent wrestling and Dragon Gate USA is in his blood.

He says the fans saw a hell of a show tonight. As long as he is here, the fans will get their money’s worth.

Chuck Taylor and Jake Manning attack Johnny Gargano. Manning sends Gargano into the turnbuckles. The Swamp Monster comes from under the ring and Gargano attacks him. The Swamp Monster hits the Awful Waffle and Chuck takes off the Swamp Monster suit.

CIMA makes the save for Johnny Gargano.

CIMA takes the Open the Freedom Gate Title belt and he gives the belt to Gargano.

CIMA takes the mic and he thanks the people of Detroit and he asks everyone if they enjoyed the show. He wants to know if the fans want to see DGUSA again. He thanks everyone for coming and he says that he will see them the next time.


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The Champ Speaks
and he addresses the rumors

Our staff recently had a chance to sit down with Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano to discuss his title defense and I Quit Match this weekend, his title reign and the rumors surrounding his contract status. Here is our exclusive interview with the champ:

Question: We are 8 months into your title reign, what has been the hardest part about it and the best part?

JG: When I won the Open The Freedom Gate Championship, I knew the work was just beginning. We were just getting started. I wouldn’t have a night off in that ring, as I’d always be matched up against the best talent in the world, hungry to make a name for themselves by taking me down, and that’s 100% fine. I expect them to want to do that.

The hardest part? My nagging back injury has been a bit of a burden here and there as it gives guys a clear cut bullseye to aim for when they get in the ring for me, but what can I say? That’s professional wrestling, ya know? I have a weakness, it’s smart to target it.

The best part? Probably the looks I see from the younger guys who do the ring crew, or do the seminars, or are on the bonus card. Whenever I go up and introduce myself, or shake there hands I see a look of hope. I see a look of inspiration almost. They see a guy like me, who started right where they are currently. They see a guy who worked extremely hard, and took his opportunity, and rose from a bonus card nobody, to the face of the company. I think that shows them that anything is possible. If Johnny Gargano can do it, then it can be done, and nothing can stop them from doing it too.

Question: You have perhaps your toughest title defense yet this Saturday in the Detroit area against Akira Tozawa, a man who has pinned you twice in the last year, what is your game plan going into this one?

JG: Well, he’s had my number twice, so obviously I have to do something different now don’t I? I think that Akira Tozawa has quietly become my greatest rival in Dragon Gate USA. I’ve watched him grow into one of the absolute best professional wrestlers in the world and I know all too well what he’s going to bring to me on Saturday. We had a war against one another at Untouchable 2011 in Chicago, and I’m sure it’ll be no different a year later in Taylor, Michigan. He’s gotten better. I’ve gotten better, but at the end of the day only one man can be the Open The Freedom Gate Champion, and If I have any say in the matter, MY title is going nowhere.

Question: Then on Sunday in Chicago it is an I Quit Match vs. Chuck Taylor. What are your thoughts on this one?

JG: This is it. The is the end. The storied feud of Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano comes to an end this Sunday in Chicago. We both have wins over one another, and while our last match had a bit of craziness to it, this time there are NO rules. The only way to win is to inflict so much physical damage on your opponent that he has no choice but to utter the words “I Quit”. We were partners, we were best friends, and we were like brothers, but Chuck Taylor quit on me, he quit on Ronin and he quit on Dragon Gate USA a LONG time ago. I’ve never quit ANYTHING a day in my life, and I don’t plan on starting now. I’m all heart, and as long as my heart is still beating, I don’t give up, and I don’t stop. Chuck Taylor is going to have to kill me to make me say those words.

Question: Ok, we have to ask this. It’s been reported on the wrestling news sites that your DGUSA contract is coming up. Is this true and if so, what’s your next move?

JG: I don’t know. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Right now, I’m just focused on this weekend. I think something will happen this weekend.

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In a match that has been hyped since his Evolve 15 announcement, Johnny Gargano is placing the Open the Freedom Gate championship on the line against Mad Blankey member, Akira Tozawa. Declining Tony Nese of the opportunity at Evolve 16, Gargano made it clear that the number one contender for his championship would meet up with him in  Taylor, Michigan. Stating Tozawa earned the match, Gargano has laid in wait for nearly a month since the announcement and will stand toe-to-toe with the young sensation in merely one day.

Will he defend his championship belt against his hungry contender, or will he fall short? Instead of waiting for spoilers to arise, head on over to WWNLive.com, where three price options are available; starting at $9.99. Bell time starts at 8 PM CST!

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With many exciting events coming up in future weeks, Gargano released the full look of his new merchandise that should be available in the next week or two. Keep your eyes peeled on his official Facebook page!

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Continuing with his busy weekend, Gargrano surprised no one, being involved in the main event match up at HBW’s Clash of the Dead event in Girard. Mere hours after his intense bout with former WWE superstar, Matt Hardy, Gargano took on the steadily rising Thomas Adams in a match that has been described by attendees as nothing short of “awesome.” Many workers and fans shaming whoever wasn’t in attendance for the killer event. Ultimately walking away with his second victory of the weekend, Johnny Gargano left Girard with a perfect record at this weekend’s events.

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