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Name: John Gargano
Ring Name(s): Cedrick Von Haussen, Joey Gray, Johnny Gargano
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Date of Birth: August 14, 1987
Working For: WWE NXT, AIW, etc
Mini Biography: Johnny Gargano's infatuation with wrestling skyrocketed at the age of eight-years-old, when he first stepped inside of a wrestling ring. Eight years later, the Ohio native would enroll in Cleveland All–Pro Wrestling's school, and since then the independent sensation has yet to quit. Making his professional wrestling debut in 2005, Johnny Gargano has since then torn through the independent wrestling world - making his name prominent in companies such as Dragon Gate USA and Chikara. Now he has made his way to WWE NXT, regularly teaming with good friend Tommaso Ciampa as well as being a competitor in the first ever Cruiserweight Classic. There is only one place for him - the top. Johnny Gargano is "All Heart" and has a long history to prove it.
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In a matter of days, Johnny Gargano came up short of capturing the NXT Tag Team Titles and was eliminated from the Cruiserweight Classic. How is Johnny Wrestling dealing with these setbacks?


If you've ever wanted to learn how to make a child cry, head on over to our partner site (Chuck-Taylor.org) for all the late-breaking news on the sexy Kentucky Gentleman. There, you can catch a glimpse of one of Johnny's most prominent tag team partners in their impressive gallery while keeping up-to-date on Kentucky's finest export!

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In a match of true good vs. evil, Johnny Gargano headed into Cleveland tonight to try and once more grasp the Absolute Title. With the championship currently in the possession of Eric Ryan and #NIXON, many challenges were set before Johnny in his attempt. Before the action truly went underway, the Duke was removed from the equation by Chest Flexor – seemingly evening the odds. An unfortunate referee was accidentally knocked out, and soon enough – the referee forced the match to stop. Afterwards, Bobby Beverly and Rickey Shane Page came out to help Ryan tear Gargano apart until Josh Alexander made the save.

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In just three and a half hours, AIW’s stacked “Conspiracy Theory” show will go underway. Built from top to bottom, the show begins at 7:30 PM and doors open an hour earlier in Turners Hall in Cleveland, Ohio. General Admission tickets are $15 dollars, and if you’re in the area, you will be promised a show that is absolutely stacked from top to bottom.

An AIW superfan’s hype video (above) shows two of the most anticipated matches set for later tonight. Looking to take back the Absolute Title – this time from #NIXON’s own, Eric Ryan, Johnny prepares himself for a war. Ryan considering Point Break (where Johnny managed to gain the edge over the champion) a “fluke,” both men have something to prove and all to gain. A win over Gargano will help cement Ryan as the champion he claims to be, while Gargano earning the gold back speaks well enough for itself.

Will Johnny walk away with the championship to lead the company to a brighter time, or will it stay under the dark control of #NIXON? We’ll be sure to give you all the updates about Conspiracy Theory as they happen!

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Making his exciting and official debut with PWG on Night One of All Star Weekend, Johnny will be teaming up with longtime partner Chuck Taylor to take on the current PWG World Tag Team Champions and three time DDT4 winners, The Young Bucks, in a non-title bout. The star-filled weekend rolls on into day two where Johnny will once more team with Chuck Taylor in yet another tag match against the ever popular Super Smash Brothers, who – before DDT4 – were the company’s champions.

Will Chuck and Johnny make an impression as a tag team in the California-based company? Will Johnny’s official debut be heard around the world? Be sure to stick around for all the announcements and hype revolving around the massive weekend in March!

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One of the most revered wrestling podcasts – if not the MOST, Johnny sat down a bit ago with Colt Cabana to record this week’s edition of the Art of Wrestling. A fun and exciting podcast between two of the best men on the independent scene, you’d be a fool not to check it out immediately, so get to it!

DGUSA star Johnny Gargano and Colt talk it out this week. Johnny is one of those young wrestling stars who you can already see will be very special in years to come. Growing up young in wrestling is just one of many topics covered.

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Throughout the end of 2012, Johnny Gargano (and Rhino) were focal targets of the Dead Wrestling Society, with both being the victims of numerous attacks. After Gargano’s return from competing in Japan, he demanded management lift the suspension placed on Krimson, and even offered to meet “The Embodiment of Evil” one-on-one for the title as a means to persuade management & Krimson himself to agree to the terms. With that match set for Feb 16, the gauntlet Gargano must run just to GET to Krimson has proven to be daunting. Krimson’s most sadistic and dangerous follower, Gory, assaulted Gargano two weeks ago, choking Johnny out in the locker room area with Pestilence. After a ten-month reign as PRIME TV Champion, Gory could ascend to the top – and bring another title under the captivity of the Society. Can Gargano solve the riddle of Gory to further prepare for Krimson or will the PRIME Championship hostage crises begin before we even get to our Feb. 16 iPPV “Pressure Rising”?

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We’ll be sure to have full and detailed reports tomorrow, but for all the curious minds: Johnny Gargano retained his DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate championship earlier tonight in a bout with the returning Brian Kendrick. Showing an evident wear and tear from his match on Saturday against Jon Davis, Johnny nearly met the end of his impressive title reign as the referee was knocked down. Kendrick would bring the title into play, and it would ultimately work against him to help Johnny secure the victory.

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Heading into REVOLT! with hate running in his veins, Johnny looked to officially silence Jon Davis. Was he successful? Click the read more for full results thanks to PWTorch.com!

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7 – DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate champion JOHNNY GARGANO vs. JON DAVIS – No-Rope match for DGUSA TitleBoth men opened with right hands, which gave the larger Davis the upper hand. He went to whip Gargano, which Gargano had to stop short to avoid falling out of the ring. Gargano came back and clipped the knee, taking the big man off his feet. Davis rolled to ringside, but Gargano kept on him. Davis chokeslammed Gargano onto the apron, but missed a lariat and hit the ringpost, weakening the arm. Gargano threw a chair right into the face of Davis and locked in a figure-four around the ringpost.

Gargano got back in the ring and locked in the Garga-NO Escape, but Davis slipped to ringside where he got to his feet with Gargano on his shoulders. He hit an F5, which sent Gargano’s ribs into the post. Davis hit a huge vertical supplex dropping Gargano onto the ramp. He threw Gargano back in the ring and continued to work the back and ribs. Davis brought out one of the ring ropes from under the ring and viciously fishhooked Gargano with the turnbuckle. He followed up with two curb stomps and maintained complete control. He went to ringside and positioned the ring steps a few feet away from the ring. Gargano surprised him with a summersault plancha and then began burying Davis under every chair he could get his hands on.

Davis got to his feet and blocked a kick by Gargano, who slipped badly, but they played it off all right. Davis carried Gargano to the top of the ring steps, but Gargano reversed with a sunset flip powerbomb, driving Davis into the apron. He made the cover in the ring, but only got two. He went under the ring and brought out a ladder, which he set up in the ring and climbed. A fan yelled “there’s no briefcase” but Gargano had his plan, driving Davis down with a big tornado DDT. Back at ringside, Gargano blasted Davis in the head with a chair. Davis got a hand up, but it still doesn’t happen often anymore, so one shot felt very impactful.

Gargano asked fans to clear him a runway and charged at Davis. But, Davis caught Gargano and used his momentum to hit a spinebuster on the pile of chairs in a brutal-looking bump. Gargano tried to throw a chair at Davis, but he caught it and blasted Gargano with it. He hoisted the champion over his shoulder and held a chair across his back, driving them both to the mat with a powerslam for a two count. Davis went for a bucklebomb into the ringpost, but Gargano slipped and launched the ladder into the face of Davis. He followed up with the Hurts Donut on the ladder, but Davis was able to kick out before the three count.

Gargano headed toward the backstage area and brought an even taller ladder back and leaned it against the ring. Gargano laid Davis across the ladder and charged at him, but Davis hit him with a flapjack powerbomb half onto the ladder and half onto the floor. Absolutely brutal. He rolled Gargano in the ring quickly and hit 3 Seconds Around the World for a very convincing nearfall. Gargano made it to his feet and caught Davis with a superkick. Davis responded with a lariat and both men were down. They both fought for the ladder as they tried to get to their feet.

Davis drove the ladder into Gargano’s abdomen, but when he raised the ladder over his head, Gargano caught him with a superkick. Hit hit a second superkick and the ladder fell around Davis’s neck. Gargano superkicked the ladder and immediately locked in the Garga-NO Escape with Davis caught in the ladder. Davis lost consciousness, forcing the referee to call for the bell and end the match.

WINNER: Gargano via TKO to retain the Open the Freedom Gate Title.

After the main event, Brian Kendrick made his way into the ring and asked for a mic. He started by congratulationg Gargano on his victory and commended him on being a fighting champion for over a year in a promotion with the most spectacular competition in the world. He said that Gargano has beaten top stars in Japan as well as the US. He commended his resume, but said that the glaring hole in Gargano’s record is never getting a win over someone the caliber of Kendrick. He said that Johnny’s pride is his flaw.Kendrick then asked Gargano to put his title on the line. “Are you a man, or are you a mouse?” he asked. Gargano anxiously grabbed the microphone and just as he began to speak, the feed cut out. When it came back, Gargano was holding his championship over his head as Lenny Leonard announced tomorrow it would be Brian Kendrick challenging Johnny Gargano for the title. He thanked everyone for watching and left Gargano to handle the traditional DGUSA mid-ring sign off.

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Due to the show not being aired on iPPV, detailed results are currently not out and about. However, we have received official word that the team of Johnny Gargano and Rich Swann were unfortunately unsuccessful tonight against the duo of Jimmy Susumu and Ryo Saito. We’ll be sure to give you more information as time goes on!

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Talking to John Pollock of the Fight Network team, Johnny talked about his exciting and exhausting weekend coming up this weekend in California. Other subjects come to, such as his back injury from one year ago, his start in Dragon Gate USA back in 2009, his relationship with Gabe Sapolsky, and so many more things! Follow the links below to check it out!

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