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Name: John Gargano
Ring Name(s): Cedrick Von Haussen, Joey Gray, Johnny Gargano
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Date of Birth: August 14, 1987
Working For: WWE NXT, AIW, etc
Mini Biography: Johnny Gargano's infatuation with wrestling skyrocketed at the age of eight-years-old, when he first stepped inside of a wrestling ring. Eight years later, the Ohio native would enroll in Cleveland All–Pro Wrestling's school, and since then the independent sensation has yet to quit. Making his professional wrestling debut in 2005, Johnny Gargano has since then torn through the independent wrestling world - making his name prominent in companies such as Dragon Gate USA and Chikara. Now he has made his way to WWE NXT, regularly teaming with good friend Tommaso Ciampa as well as being a competitor in the first ever Cruiserweight Classic. There is only one place for him - the top. Johnny Gargano is "All Heart" and has a long history to prove it.
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In a matter of days, Johnny Gargano came up short of capturing the NXT Tag Team Titles and was eliminated from the Cruiserweight Classic. How is Johnny Wrestling dealing with these setbacks?


If you've ever wanted to learn how to make a child cry, head on over to our partner site (Chuck-Taylor.org) for all the late-breaking news on the sexy Kentucky Gentleman. There, you can catch a glimpse of one of Johnny's most prominent tag team partners in their impressive gallery while keeping up-to-date on Kentucky's finest export!

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The WWNLive China Tour was historic and our favorite dude was a big part of it. It boasted talents from DGUSA, EVOLVE, FIP and SHINE and they certainly all made their mark within the country. Thanks to various sources, we’ve got results from all the shows.. including the final one where somebody might’ve totally won a title. You’ll have to see, though.

Also note that you will soon be able to watch all these events and more on VOD on WWNLive.com!

November 10, 2014

Grand Epoch City, XIanghe, China

Johnny Gargano defeated Biff Busick in a EVOLVE Ratings match.

November 12th, 2014

Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China

Johnny Gargano defeated Jody Kristofferson with Larry Dallas.

November 14, 2014

Emeishan City, Sichuan Province, China

Johnny Gargano defeated Chuck Taylor.

November 16th, 2014

Beijing, China

Johnny Gargano defeated Ricochet to regain the DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Championship and win the CITIC Cup.

Quite the results from those shows, hey? Excuse us while we !!!!! over the fact that Johnny is once again the DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Champion. Congratulations, dude! You deserve it. Get home safe! We also hope for safe travels home for the rest of the crew as well!


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For the remainder of the weekend, Johnny was back to the state of New York for the EVOLVE doubleshot. After a less than stellar win loss record the last time he wrestled in EVOLVE, he claimed he was back to being Johnny Gargano. Whatever that meant, was he right? Again, thanks to PWPonderings, we’ve got results!

EVOLVE 34 from Elmhurst, NY:

Johnny Gargano def Anthony Nese (w/The Premier Athlete Brand) via roll up

EVOLVE 35 from Brooklyn, NY:

Johnny Gargano def Drew Gulak w Garga-No Escape

Congratulations to Johnny for kicking butt and being back to being him! We’re glad he is and we’re equally as glad he’s back to winning, too.

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Thanks to the folks at PWPonderings, we’ve got some results on EVOLVE 33 and oh boy. This match was going to be hardhitting and crazy and it sounds like it was just that. But who won Evolution’s End? Click below to find out!

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Evolution’s End Match
Rich Swann def Johnny Gargano after he hits a double stomp on Gargano on a ladder and then finishes with a 450 off the top rope

The Premiere Athletes Brand attacked Rich Swann after the match and Gargano made the save.

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Thanks to the lovely folks over at DailyWrestlingNews, we have detailed results of what went down tonight at EVOLVE 32. Every now and then, you have a losing streak. It happens. It’s perfectly fine. Heck, it’s not even a losing streak, it’s just a streak where you’re not necessarily as lucky as you have been… Right? Right! Click the read more for detailed results, and be sure to tune in tomorrow, when things will get REALLY crazy at EVOLVE 33!

Show »

Match Number Four: Special Challenge Match: Johnny Gargano versus Caleb Konley (with Anthony Nese)

Johnny tries to find his metaphysical center before locking up. Konley with a waist lock and Gargano with a wrist lock. Konley with a hammer lock and snap mare into a rollup for a near fall. They lock up and Gargano misses a forearm. Konley with a hip toss and drop kick. Gargano with a double leg take down and then he connects with a running back elbow. Konley sends Gargano over the top rope and Gargano skins the cat and he sends Caleb to the floor with a head scissors.

Gargano with a pescado onto Konley. Gargano punches Konley and then he sends Konley into the guardrails. Gargano with a running chop to Konley. Nese says something to Gargano and that allows Konley to recover and he hits a bicycle kick. Konley runs Gargano into the guardrails. Konley picks up Gargano and he runs Johnny’s back into the ring post.

They return to the ring and Gargano with chops to Konley. Konley blocks a super kick and then hits a leg sweep followed by a back senton for a near fall. Konley with a cravate. Gargano chops Konley but Konley with an Irish whip and Gargano lands awkwardly in the corner. Konley gets a near fall.

Konley with a body scissors. Konley with a drop kick to the knees and then Konley with a double jump quebrada for a near fall. Konley with a punch to the back followed by a kick to the head. Gargano wants Konley to hit him again. Gargano with a slap and Konley with a kick and he gets a near fall. Konley with a body scissors. Konley and Gargano try for suplexes but they both block the other. Konley with a forearm but Gargano with a boot. Konley with a leaping knee and then Gargano goes to the apron and hits the slingshot spear. Gargano with punches and chops. Gargano with a sunset flip but Konley rolls through. Gargano with a series of kicks. Konley gets Gargano on his shoulders and Johnny goes to the apron and he hits a slingshot DDT and he gets a near fall.

Gargano with running knees into the corner but Konley with a missile drop kick and then he hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Gargano avoids Konley in the corner and they exchange forearms. Gargano goes for a slingshot move and Konley with a drop kick to send Gargano to the floor. Konley goes for a pescado and Gargano moves. Gargano with a suicide dive onto Konley. Konley goes for a quebrada but Gargano gets his knees up.

Gargano with a kick but Konley with a super kick. Gargano with a clothesline and both men are down. Garano sets for Hurts Donut but Konley escapes. Konley with a kick but Gargano with an enzuigiri. Gargano goes up top with Konley on the turnbuckles. Konley tries to get Gargano on his shoulders and he hits a super Cradle Shock but Gargano kicks out.

Konley with a wrist clutch Boston Crab but Gargano escapes into a sunset flip and then he applies Gargano Escape. Konley with a rollup for a near fall. Gargano with a kick and then he hits the lawn dart for a near fall. Gargano spits on Nese outside the ring and Nese gets on the apron. Konley sends Gargano to the mat and Konley hits a double jump moonsault for the three count.

Winner: Caleb Konley

After the match, Konley gets on the mic and he says that Gargano was the champ for over two years. Johnny was the man, but now he is washed up. The Premiere Athlete Brand is going to the top.

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Be honest.

Let’s act like you weren’t incredibly excited for the return of Matt Sydal to the independent scene. Almost immediately, independent dream matches were made, and one of the first ones we personally mentioned was Gargano vs. Sydal, and we got it tonight in every way we ever hoped and dreamed. Unfortunately for our main man Gargano, the dream match didn’t necessarily end in his favor. All the fans were in favor of Sydal, starting off with loud “welcome back!” chants, to which Johnny loudly reminded everyone that this was his house.

We certainly won’t disagree, but Johnny didn’t manage to confirm that with action. With a 20 minute classic that ended with a Shooting Star Press, Johnny earned another loss. And after the match, it certainly didn’t get better. Suffice to say, the Open the Freedom Gate Title is still a very sore subject, and once he was questioned on his feelings for Sydal’s desire to obtain said title, Johnny… freaked. However, it seemingly did remind him of what he needed to do. Stating Rich Swann was the one who made him lose the belt to Ricochet, Johnny promised to end Swann.

And at EVOLVE 33, we’ll certainly see if he backs that up.

A reminder that tomorrow Johnny will be facing Caleb Konley in Orlando, and he’ll still end his grudge with Rich Swann on Sunday in Jacksonville. If you’re in the area, per usual, be sure to attend. And if you can’t, click here for information on how to order both EVOLVE 32 & 33 on iPPV.

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It’s that time again. Another EVOLVE tripleshot, and they’re back in Florida. Hopefully they’ll all soak up some sun and no injuries will occur. Right, Johnny?

Below is all the information you’ll need to watch all the EVOLVE shows coming up.

EVOLVE 31 – August 8th, 2014 – Ybor City, FL – iPPV Purchase Link

Johnny Gargano vs. Matt Sydal.

A dream match, simply put. These two have never stepped in the ring with one another and now, the time has finally come for them to meet. The former Evan Bourne’s return to the independent circuit has been long awaited. Will the former Open the Freedom Gate champion show the high flying Sydal that he has been replaced and that no one has truly missed him, or will Sydal show him up, and in the process, let everyone know that he’s back for good?

EVOLVE 32 – August 9th, 2014 – Orlando, FL – iPPV Purchase Link

Johnny Gargano vs. Caleb Konley of the Premier Athlete Brand w/ Su Yung.

Another night, another match.  Konley is someone many people are watching closely, and of course, he’s apart of the Premier Athlete Brand, so there’s something about him that’s special. But everyone knows that Johnny is special himself, so who will come out on top?

EVOLVE 33 – August 10th, 2014 – Jacksonville, FL – iPPV Purchase Link

Johnny Gargano vs. Rich Swann.

A match that is ending it all. These two have intense history and it’s all coming to an end in Jacksonville, FL. Johnny wants to end Swann’s career in Evolution’s End and we’re sure Swann wants to tear the former champion apart. This match will be insane in so many different ways and yet.. we have no idea about who will come out on top.

Though if we had our way, Johnny would be champion again and he’d be defeating everyone, but..

We should let you all know, though.. if you order all three  live iPPVs by Monday, August 4th at midnight EST, you will be rewarded with any two past DGUSA, EVOLVE or FIP iPPVs at WWNLive.com On Demand for FREE! A Wrestling Odyssey from New Orleans is also an option! This means you get five iPPVs for the price of three! Here’s how to take advantage:

-Order EVOLVE 31, EVOLVE 32 and EVOLVE 33 at WWNLive.com by this Monday at midnight EST.

-Email Help@DGUSA.tv with your paypal receipts.

-Select any two DGUSA, EVOLVE, FIP or A Wrestling Odyssey iPPVs when you email us your receipts. You will be activated to own them with unlimited access!

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If you haven’t heard the name “Biff Busick” you’ve been living under a rock, and genuinely feel bad for you. After a less than swell weekend with the DGUSA/Evolve roster, Johnny headed into New York with one thing on his mind: Redemption. Recently losing the Open the Freedom Gate championship after 873 days, Johnny had something to prove. A victory was vital, and he looked for just that against the rising star.

…Unfortunately, the events didn’t go as smoothly as we would’ve liked. Not only did Johnny lose to Biff by a Dragon Sleeper a day before his “I Quit” match with Rich Swann, he also dislocated his jaw. Johnny is now out of action for the rest of the weekend, and for an amount of time that we aren’t currently certain of. However, we wish him the best.

No injury is a small injury, especially in a profession that goes by a weekend-by-weekend basis, and we are wishing him a speedy recovery. Get well soon, Johnny! We need our Hero now more than ever.

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We have detailed results of EVOLVE 28 thanks to the folks over at PWPonderings! Click for results!

Show »

Prior to his match, Johnny was on commentary alongside Lenny Leonard for Anthony Nese vs. Ricochet!

However, once Ricochet defeated the incredible Nese, Johnny took to the ring to confront his opponent for tomorrow night. It eventually led into Johnny getting the better of Ricochet and beating him down until Rich Swann made the save, and that’s when the match began!

They exchange punches. Swann connects with corner punches and hurricanranas Gargano on the floor. Swann lays in more strikes around ringside. Gargano elevates him and Swann crashes down on the apron. Gargano takes over in the ring, biting Swann’s fingers at one point. Gargano avoids a middle-rope hurricanrana and hits a suplex into the ropes. Swann comes back with an implant DDT. They trade punches and Swann hits a neckbreaker. Gargano slows him down with a sit-out powerbomb. They trade strikes again and both men fall to the canvas after some superkicks. Swann connects with kawada kicks and another superkick. He hits a handspring ace crusher for a nearfall. Gargano crotches him on the top rope but Swann fights him off. Swann misses a frog splash and Gargano applies the Gargano Escape. Swann is able to reach the bottom rope. The action goes to the apron where Swann connects with a superkick. Gargano trips him up on the apron and lawn darts him into the ringpost. Back in, Gargano lawn darts him into the turnbuckles for a nearfall. Gargano grabs the FIP title which the referee takes away. While his back is turned, he grabs his title and hits Swann with it. Gargano covers for the win at 15:00.

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It’s just about time for Wrestlemania, but more importantly?
It’s almost time for the WWNLive Experience! SHIMMER, Kaiju Big Battel, A Wrestling Odyssey.. and of course, DGUSA and EVOLVE!
And what will Johnny be doing during these events? Well, of course he’ll be wrestling. He’s got to grace the crowd, doesn’t he? Not to mention, the rest of the world since all these events will be broadcast live on iPPV!
On Thursday, April 3rd, it’s EVOLVE 28 and Johnny will be facing an opponent that Ricochet has chosen for him. That opponent? Well, it’s Rich Swann!

Swann has been itching to get his hands on Gargano for months now, and his wish has been granted.
But on Friday, April 4th, its Open The Ultimate Gate 2014 and Johnny will again be defending his title.. but this time, it will be against the Open The Dream Gate champion, Ricochet!

Then, here comes Mercury Rising on Saturday, April 5th!

Mercury Rising is best known for their Six Man Tag Team Tradition. This year, it’s brought to a whole new level. It’s going to feature a six man tag tournament and participants include: Ricochet, AR Fox and Rich Swann, Tony Nese, Trent Baretta and Caleb Konley and many more.

But where does Johnny fit in with this? Originally, he was meant to be teaming with the Bravado Brothers, however, due to changes, instead it will be the Bravados and Moose.

So.. where does that leave Johnny?

Well, Johnny will be going against the one and only, extremely talented Low Ki!
..we’re not kidding, he’s seriously wrestling Low Ki on April 5th, live on iPPV!
We’re sure it’s going to be absolutely killer, and we certainly can’t wait for the match up.

Important links:

1. Order EVOLVE 28 here!

2. Order Open the Ultimate Gate 2014 here!

3. Order Mercury Rising here!

4. Buy tickets for all these events here!




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