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Name: John Gargano
Ring Name(s): Cedrick Von Haussen, Joey Gray, Johnny Gargano
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Date of Birth: August 14, 1987
Working For: WWE NXT, AIW, etc
Mini Biography: Johnny Gargano's infatuation with wrestling skyrocketed at the age of eight-years-old, when he first stepped inside of a wrestling ring. Eight years later, the Ohio native would enroll in Cleveland All–Pro Wrestling's school, and since then the independent sensation has yet to quit. Making his professional wrestling debut in 2005, Johnny Gargano has since then torn through the independent wrestling world - making his name prominent in companies such as Dragon Gate USA and Chikara. Now he has made his way to WWE NXT, regularly teaming with good friend Tommaso Ciampa as well as being a competitor in the first ever Cruiserweight Classic. There is only one place for him - the top. Johnny Gargano is "All Heart" and has a long history to prove it.
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In a matter of days, Johnny Gargano came up short of capturing the NXT Tag Team Titles and was eliminated from the Cruiserweight Classic. How is Johnny Wrestling dealing with these setbacks?


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2016 was rung in right at DREAMWAVE Wrestling in LaSalle, IL! January 2nd was the date and what a place, you guys. Make sure to visit their website for DVDs, tickets and all! 

Onto results!

DREAMWAVE Tag Team Title: Team Overkill (Christian Rose & Matt Cage) (c) defeated Johnny Gargano &Tommaso Ciampa

Ah, rats. You’ll get ’em next time, boys!

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After unfortunately dealing with a loss at the last DREAMWAVE show, and narrowly missing out on the DREAMWAVE Title, Johnny headed into tonight’s show looking to prove himself. However, in his quest to do just that, he ran into quite the impressive brick wall. A brick wall by the name of Chris Castro. Unfortunately, Johnny walked out with yet another tick in the loss column at DREAMWAVE.

…Maybe next time?

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Thanks again to PWPonderings for the results, find out what went down in Illinois on November the 1st.

PS, make sure to check out PWPonderings for tons of results.

Anyway, onto Johnny!

Dreamwave Title: Matt Cage defeats Brian Cage with a small package in his 3-way title match that included Johnny Gargano

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Johnny made his back to LaSalle, Illinois this weekend with an open challenge on his mind. Thanks to the wonderful folks over at PWPonderings, we’ve got results for the event.

Johnny made his way to the ring and let the crowd know he only wanted DREAMWAVE’s best to answer his contract. Unfortunately, he couldn’t face himself so who else could answer? The returning Reed “BY GOD” Bentley, of course! According to the results, the two went toe to toe until Johnny hit the Hurts Donut and then locked in the Garga-NO Escape to make Reed tap out.

We’re sure it was a spectacular (no pun intended) match so keep an eye out here for the DVD!

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Last weekend, Johnny made his way to LaSalle, Illinois to wrestle once again at DREAMWAVE Wrestling! Below are results from PWPonderings!

On June 6th, at the Celebrate LaSalle Festival, Johnny faced The Dodgeball Superstar himself, Tyler Priegel! Though he was pelted with dodgeballs, Johnny came out the victor.

The very next day, June 7th, it was Immortality! Johnny didn’t have a match set.. but as Matt Cage threw out the challenge to anyone in the back who thought they could beat him, Johnny accepted.

After what has been described as one hell of a bout, Johnny unfortunately got distracted by Chris Castro and was quickly defeated by Cage.

With special thanks to Kristine Roper (@GoddessofCats), we have some photos of Immortality! Be sure to check out the rest of her photos as well.

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Remember that remarkable, impressive victory that Johnny had back at DREAMWAVE’s Misfortune event? The one where he beat out 18 other men with his pinky finger to win the Lethal Lottery Battle Royal after winning a tag match earlier on, and carrying Nick Brubaker throughout the entire thing? Well, by winning that match, Johnny earned a title show at DREAMWAVE’s coveted prize: The DREAMWAVE World Title, currently held by Christian Rose.

With several victories in his pocket, it seemed that Johnny was rushing in for the victory — surely, he was on the path to gold. However, things didn’t necessarily go according to plan. Christian Rose walked out, just how he walked in: As the DREAMWAVE World Champion. We’re sure his victory was obtained through illegal means — I mean, who wouldn’t pay off a referee to get a victory over the Great, Johnny Gargano?

But nonetheless, Johnny headed home without the gold.

Maybe next time, buddy!

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In a feud that has seemingly gone under the radar, Johnny has recently taken a liking to repeatedly striking at the face of the one and only Nick Brubaker in the lovely and beautiful city of  LaSalle, Illinois. Tearing it up with DREAMWAVE wrestling for the past several months, Johnny first collided with Brubaker back in February where the two men wrestled into a draw in which the fans begged for more. But like the logical wrestler he is, Johnny decided to take to it another day. However, things didn’t necessarily go according to plan, and the two men were forced to team at DREAMWAVE’S Road to Anniversary: Misfortune! 

However, they somehow managed to pull out victorious, but Brubaker made it clear: He was nowhere near finished with Our  Hero, and challenged him to a 2 out of 3 falls match at AnniVersary V! Johnny accepted, and later on in the night, Johnny was victorious in a battle royal — eliminating Brubaker with a kick to the nads — and he tore into AnniVersary V on a winning streak, and he continued on with the very same thing.

The two fought from pillar to post, with Brubaker getting the first fall by disqualification as Johnny struck him with a chair. Like the gentleman he was, Johnny gave the young man time to rest before taking him down fast a minute later to even the odds at 1-1. The final six minutes was a constant back and forth, but Johnny managed to pull it out with a Gargano Escape.

Now, all the odds are in Johnny’s favor. Congratulations, Gargano! Have a round of Almond Milk. On us!

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It’s DREAMWAVE day! Or, well.. it was. Today was the Road to ANNIVERSARY: Misfortune, which featured the Misfortune Tag Team Lethal Lottery. Partners were randomly drawn, whether they were friends, enemies or even family. Partners had to coexist together to make it all the way to the Battle Royal at the end of the night. If they won, they would receive a very lovely trophy, as well as earn any match they wanted at the upcoming event Retaliation in May.

Any person. Any title. Any stipulation. Whatever the winner so desired.

So, where does Johnny fit in?

Well, if you must know, he was teamed up with recent foe, Nic Brubaker and they faced off against Colt Cabana and Darin Corbin!
But did they win? Of course they did. After a good match, Brubaker hit a Fisherman’s buster and it was all over. The two advanced into the Battle Royal. But that wasn’t all, nope, not even close!

Brubaker challenged Johnny to a 2 out of 3 falls match for Anniversary V on April 12th, 2014! And Johnny even accepted!

Onto the Battle Royal itself, Johnny made it to the Final Four – which also included Michael Elgin, Nic Brubaker and CJ Esparza. All that talent, but who would win? First Esparza was gone, then Elgin was distracted by Christian Rose, and was eliminated via Brubaker. He slid back in to lay out both Johnny and Brubaker twice. (How rude.)

Both made their comebacks, but it all leads to Gargano throwing Brubaker like a lawn dart, and then later, a kick to the junk to eliminate him.

Damn, Johnny.

So, there you go! Johnny’s now got himself any match he likes. He got ‘dat power. Hope it doesn’t go to his head!

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Well, would you look at that? Johnny will be back at DREAMWAVE Wrestling in LaSalle in the very near future! And by near future, we mean Saturday, March 1st!

What will he be doing on the show? He’s entered into the Misfortune Tag Team Lethal Lottery! What is that, you may ask? Thanks to DREAMWAVE’s site, we know!

Partners may end up being family, friends, or enemies, but those partners must co-exist to win their tag match and advance on to the Misfortune Battle Royal at the end of the night. The winner of the battle royal takes home the Misfortune trophy and in a first for this season, earns any match they want at Retaliation on 5/3. ANY match.

That’s against any person. Any title. Any stipulation. Misfortune means more than ever before.

Whoa. High stakes on March 1st. But, we believe Johnny will come out the victor. I mean, look at him. How could he not?

Stay tuned for any match announcements, as well as Johnny’s partner.

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