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The next stop on Johnny’s UK tour was in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, England, UK for Southside Wrestling yet again.

This time, he was wrestling in a fatal fourway, competing for the SWE Speed King title against Will Ospreay (the champion), Andrew Everett and Jimmy Havoc.

Unfortunately, he didn’t pick up the win and the title, with Ospreay instead retaining.

But y’know, according to social media, Johnny made a trip to Disneyland in Paris with Candice LeRae and Joey Ryan, so he’s obviously the real winner here.


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Another night down, a brand new opponent was faced. Tonight for Southside Wrestling, in Purfleet, Essex, England, Johnny faced off against another incredible talent – Tommy End.

In a match described as something special, and many noting how the two of them tore down the house, Johnny unfortunately came up short as Tommy pinned him for the win. After the match, the two were poised to handshake.. until Tommy pulled out, disrespecting Gargano.


We’re sure Johnny’ll get him next time!

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Johnny’s currently a hop, skip and a jump away from the good ol’ USA right now. He flew off to England to wrestle around those parts for the next while, and as you’ve probably guessed by now.. we’ll have the results of all those matches reported here. So stay tuned, will you?

His first stop was in Nottingham, England for Southside Wrestling at the Rushcliffe Arena. Though, he wasn’t facing anyone actually from the area.. no, he was facing fellow American Andrew Everett!

Which really, is actually pretty rad because have you seen that dude wrestle? If not, you should. Seriously.

But who was the victor? As great as Andrew Everett is.. he couldn’t defeat Johnny. Nope. So, Johnny is officially 1-0 over there.

Congratulations, dude. Have a fun and safe trip!


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I don’t know how many times we can say it, the Dudes on TV are bastards. This time consisting of Ethan Carter III, Raymond Rowe, and DJ Z, Johnny aimed to take the group down a notch alongside Josh Prohibition and Alex Daniels. Despite Johnny’s HILARIOUS zinger towards EC3 and DJ Z’s home company,  that was seemingly the only good thing to come out of the night. After an interference with the ring bell from Raymond Rowe, Johnny was left unconscious and ready for the pin by EC3.

You know what, Dudes on TV? We hate you.

And we’re comin’ for you.

And by we, we mean Johnny and we’ll reward him with Quest bars if he knocks all of your teeth out. Yeah. We said it. We went there. We have a feeling this is just beginning, and we’re sure it’ll end in Team Gargano’s favor.

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In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, WWE recently lost one of their most underrated talents. While it was sad that the dream was never to be, the indy scene jumped for joy at the endless list of outstanding match possibilities, and last night, a singles match between our personal favorite took place in New York City — not that far from the now Brian Myers stomping grounds. However, having the home-state advantage seemingly didn’t work in his favor, and Johnny seems to be on a recent roll in FWE… Potentially looking for gold? We certainly hope so.

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Remember that nice, shiny gold ring Gargano won about a year ago? We do. And this weekend, he headed back to California to return to the second Race For The Ring, but this year… He tried to gain something a little bit heavier. In a three-way main event match up against the champion, B-Boy, and Papadon, Johnny ultimately walked out with nothing in hand… but that’s alright, Johnny. Just spit-shine last year’s ring, and all your troubles will fade away!

The next night, Johnny returned for tag-team action… alongside one of the men he faced the day before, Papadon. Taking on the champion, B-Boy, and his partner, the outstanding Willie Mack, Johnny and Papadon turned the tables and managed to obtain a victory over the champion.

Perhaps this calls for another title match in the future? Only time can tell.

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IMG_7067 IMG_7096 IMG_7161
Welcome to 2015 everyone! Johnny’s already got tons on tap for the year but first off, he was down in Florida for an EVOLVE doubleshot!

For EVOLVE 36, he was slated to wrestle Caleb Konley, but injury took him out. So who would face the champ?

The show started with Johnny in the ring, thanking the fans for their support and talking about how EVOLVE is the place for young and hungry talent and that now, EVOLVE roster members would be able to bring in younger wrestlers for their shot on the roster. This led to Johnny’s former roster member Rich Swann coming out and letting everybody know he was bringing in the first young wrestler. Who was it? Shane “SWERVE” Strickland!

Within a few moments, the match between Gargano and Strickland was made a title match and on they went.

But who won? Johnny Gargano of course! Via submission. The two men shook hands afterwards and out came Moose, the Bravado’s bodyguard. He then speared Johnny which we found to be incredibly rude.

Later on, Moose and the Bravado’s came out after Rich Swann’s match and began the beatdown. Johnny made the save and a match was made for the next night at EVOLVE 37.. Johnny Gargano, Rich Swann and the returning Chuck Taylor versus Moose and Bravado’s.. and whoever lost? Would never be able to team again.

Which leads us to the next night.

Which team would never team again? The newly reunited Ronin or the Bravados? Well, if you’re a Ronin fan, you should be happy because if the time ever comes, they can reunite once more! Yes, that’s right – Ronin defeated Moose and the Bravados.. but the night wasn’t over yet for Johnny. Not even close.

Once the match came to a close, out came EVOLVE champion Drew Galloway to have a staredown with the Open the Freedom Gate champion. What will this lead to? We smell a unification match at the Mania weekend shows.. but we’ll see.

As you can see, we have some great candid shots of EVOLVE 37 as well as EVOLVE 32 thanks to Bobby! Give him a follow, will ya?

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Thanks to the very talented Claudiu, we’re ringing in the New Year just a little bit early with some brand new looks for both the main page and the gallery. Be sure to check out the gallery which is best viewed in Google Chrome. All layout image credit comes from these folks – who you should really be checking out because their work is phenomenal. GoddessofCats, IchibanDrunk, Tony Knox and Devin Chen

Speaking of the gallery, in the New Year, we will be updating to the best of our abilities with screencaptures as well as other images. Both of us have had internet and computer issues as of late, but now that everything is set and great, we want to be as caught up as possible! We will also be continuing to bring the most up to date updates on Johnny himself. We’re not goin’ anywhere, you guys got it?

Another note is that we have a brand new email. Got any candids, videos or results to share? Comments? Concerns? Send them right along to jgarganocom@outlook.com.

With that said, make sure to follow us on Twitter @JGarganoCom and let us know what you think about the new looks. Plus be sure you’re following @JohnnyGargano. You should be already but we won’t judge.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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Matt Cross, Ethan Carter III, Briley Pierce, and DJZ are bastards. Yeah, we said it.

After a messy end to Hell on Earth X, Johnny was certainly looking for revenge, and he assumed he was going to be able to obtain just that at Charge It To The Underhills. Teaming up with fellow longtime AIW original, Josh Prohibition, Johnny seemingly had it all set in stone for tonight’s show. However, EC3 opted not to show, and instead sent Briley Pierce and DJZ in his place.

With the match officially changed to DJZ and Matt Cross against two of the heroes of AIW, hope still seemed to be on their side until Briley interfered, giving DJZ and Matt Cross the victory.

However, we’re certain that this is just the beginning. And sometime very soon Those Guys From TV will finally get their Paula Deen just desserts. Yeah. We went there.

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