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It’s not often we get a match actually posted by a promotion, but this time we were lucky and ESW posted one!

In this video, you’ll see Johnny take on Tony Nese on April 4, 2015. We heard it was an excellent match but you should check it out yourselves!

Spoiler, though..

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It all came down to this show.

Johnny Gargano vs Drew Galloway. One man would leave with both titles. We of course, were pulling for Johnny. Who wouldn’t? Why would anyone choose anyone different? C’mon now.

You can find the results below!

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EVOLVE 40 started the set of shows that aired tonight from WWNLive.com and oh boy, what an event it was! Full of stellar matches, incredible talent and even nice looking people? It was quite the treat!

As we all know by now, Johnny endorsed Ethan Page for these EVOLVE shows. That’s all well and good.. but Ethan lost both of his matches so far. Yikes. He told the crowd that they should be booing him and that he wanted to boo himself and went on to say that he wants to be just like Johnny and apologizes. This brings out the champ himself who promptly tells Ethan to shut up and tells him he believes in him.

Aw :’). Such a top human! Afterwards, Johnny talks about him versus Drew Galloway for the next day and reminds Galloway all about his passion. Damn.

Later on, Johnny teamed up with ol’ Ronin buddy Rich Swann to take on the team of Caleb Konley and Brian Cage who were accompanied by SoCal Val and Andrea, who looked pretty great if I do say so myself. But they were clearly outnumbered so what were they to do?

After quite the match, it seemed like Johnny had made Konley tap out – however, it was revealed by the referee that he had stopped the match due to an injury suffered by Rich Swann – and that the Premiere Athlete Brand picked up the win.

Let’s just say it was rather confusing but we sincerely hope that Swann is okay! Sending positive thoughts to you, dude!

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It’s Wrestlemania season! While this is a big deal to WWE superstars, it’s also a big deal to many independent wrestlers out there. It’s a time when they all pack their bags and take off to the general area where independent shows are also put on. As we all know, they’re in California this time around and Gabe has some great shows lined up that you can purchase over at WWNLive.

But right now, we’re focusing on EVOLVE 39.

Johnny’s opponent? AR Fox.

Fun fact, these two faced off at EVOLVE 13 for this exact title. Crazy how long it’s been since then, isn’t it?

From what we hear of the show, these two men tore down the place. That’s not shocking. When you’ve got two men who go completely crazy inside the ring, you’re destined to get something special. After various counters, a guardrail getting taken out (and some fans, yikes!), it was all ended by the Garga-NO Escape! Fox was forced to tap and Johnny retained his title.

After the match, Johnny talked about going to the hospital due to his knee, but reminded people of the main event that was still to come.

Once the main event was finished, Johnny came back out again. These two men will face off at the WWNLive Supershow Mercury Rising on Saturday and they began to brawl, having to be split apart by Rich Swann & Ethan Page.

For now, Johnny goes on to team with Swann vs Caleb Konley and Brian Cage tomorrow.

Rest up, champ! Hope the knee’s doing okay!

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Good ol’ AAW. Always there when you need ‘em. March 21st was the date, Berwyn Eagles Club was the location and the event was sure to draw out an amazing crowd.

This leads us to the match that Johnny was in. Against someone he knows rather well, actually. Josh Alexander.

He’s a big deal. You should know in advance that he’s challenged Samoa Joe for their next event in April. Holy cow.

But back to Johnny/Josh.

They faced off and Johnny lost after being put away by a spinning tombstone.

Ah, rats. We’re sure you’ll get him next time!


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He’s hoooooooooooome, AIW!

Johnny’s back, back again. Johnny’s back, tell a friiiiiiiiiend.

Anyways. Back to the results.

Johnny faced off against Raymond Rowe at AIW’s Gauntlet for the Gold. Rowe has been a thorn in his side, apart of the dastardly ‘Dudes on TV’ and he really wanted to beat him. And then he really wanted to go on and win Gauntlet for the Gold for number one contendership to the AIW belt.

..like the popular song says, you can’t always get what you want :(.

Unfortunately, Raymond Rowe defeated Johnny. But it’s not all bad, no. On April 24th, Johnny finally gets his hands on Ethan Carter III one on one. We’re sure he’s in for quite the beating.

Oh and about GFTG?

He lost then too. But he drew number 12! So we’re just gonna celebrate that.

To purchase AIW Tickets for April 24th, click HERE!

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Maybe Johnny should wrestle in Canada more often. SMASH is pretty great, y’know. So is Canada as a whole. No biasedness whatsoever from us here at Johnny-Gargano.com.


Anyways, Johnny was back up in Canada and took on Tyson Dux. Yes, THAT Tyson Dux. That dude who is makin’ waves and showing off how great he’s become? Yep. Him.

So they wrestled. Someone won, someone lost.. and there was a bit of a surprise at the end of the show.

Johnny Gargano def Tyson Dux after countering a suplex into a cradle pin

Later on, as Chris Hero paid respect to Ciampa, they were attacked by Drew Gulak and TARIK. Matt Cross and Johnny came down to make the save but then Johnny did what no one expected him to. Turned on his good buddy ol’ pal Matt Cross and beat him down alongside Gulak and TARIK. Now known as Fourth Gunn, Gulak, TARIK, Gargano and Biff Busick have all the power in SMASH.. so they say.

For the next show, Johnny has challenged Matt Cross.

To see all of this go down, click HERE.

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Just like you never expect an independent wrestling show to start on time, you never expect a show on a Wednesday in Brooklyn, New York. You just don’t. It’s like pigs flying, like the sky turning a strange shade of magenta or Johnny losing his Open the Freedom Gate championship. It just doesn’t happen!

Well, it didn’t happen until FWE presented Styles vs. Hennigan on March 11th, 2015.

On this show, Johnny faced off with the incredibly talented Bandido Jr.

We know. You should’ve seen it. You still can on a iPPV replay! Go check that out.

But if you REALLY wanna know now? We’ll save you a bit of time.

Johnny defeated Bandido Jr


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Bournville, West Midlands, England, UK. The Cadbury Club. March 8th, 2015.

It was on this day that Johnny Gargano defended his Open the Freedom Gate championship versus Pete Dunne in a match many people wanted to see.

Would Johnny lose his belt to this man overseas? Or would he retain like he always does and show the fans who the real hero was?

Spoiler alert: all those fans found out that Johnny is indeed the hero we all deserve. Thanks to WrestleRopesUK for the results!

Open The Freedom Gate Championship – Johnny Gargano defeated Pete Dunne by Pinfall to retain the Open The Freedom Gate Championship.


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