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Unfortunately due to flooding back home, the scheduled match for Johnny versus Davey Richards didn’t happen. We’re sure they’ll meet up in ring again soon!

However, that doesn’t mean that Johnny had nothing to do at AAW on June 19th on 115 Bourbon Street in Illinois.

Oh no, he faced someone he’s rather familiar with: Zema Ion.

Described as a quality match by those in attendance, we’re sure they aren’t lying. Two talented men going at it in ring? Absolute perfection we wish we could witness. But who came out the winner?

Johnny Wrestling himself! Ion tapped out to the Garga-NO Escape. We’re sure it’s coming soon in AIW, too. ;).

Congratulations, dude!

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Well, well, well. Look what we have here.

Mr. Johnny Wrestling himself has finally made an appearance down at the holy land and despite it only being a dark match, we got the pictures to prove it!

Not only that, we’ve got the results too.

Uhaa Nation defeated Johnny Gargano with a military press followed by two standing moonsaults.

Not the worst person to lose to, you feel?

Thanks to Tony Silva (@silva1982 on twitter, go check him out as well as his photos from the rest of the night) for the photos he provided!

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EVOLVE is pretty great. They brought it again to the state of New York, specifically Woodside and Ronkonkoma.  They were also broadcasted on WWNLive.com and you can go see the replay there right now! Go on, check it out.

Don’t have time?

Well I’ve got results for you riiight here.


Rich Swann and Johnny Gargano successfully defended the Open the United Gate tag team titles against Drew Gulak and his brand new protege Hot Sauce Tracy Williams. Killin’ it, boys. They went on to say that they were then giving up the titles because EVOLVE deserved their own titles.

That wasn’t the last appearance of Johnny for the night, he would stop by the main event and ask Drew to retire the Open the Freedom Gate title.

Drew said no, but offered Johnny another shot at it which could be happening in the future.


The show kicked off with the Grudge match between Ethan Page and Gargano. Stipulation was that if Johnny won, Ethan Page would leave EVOLVE. If Page won? Johnny would be forced to shake Ethan’s hand. A lot was riding on this match, including pride. The two men brawled, trying to out edge the other. Ethan took a page straight from Johnny, however, and after a low blow, Page was able to choke Johnny out with a rope in the Gargano Escape for the win.

We’re not happy about it.

Also not happy about Page forcing an unconscious Johnny to shake his hand.

He’ll get his revenge soon enough.


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Samoa Joe made a sudden debut on NXT Takeover earlier in the week before appearing for AIW on the weekend.

Dream match was picked up.

Joe vs Gargano.

Please purchase this from AIWrestling.com because you’re missing out if you don’t.


Johnny lost.

.. but it’s okay ’cause it’s Samoa Joe.


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DDT4 is usually full of tag matches that are off the chain, crazy and full of talent. This year? No different.

But for Johnny, he was scheduled to face off with stand out Canadian talent Mike Bailey – however, there was a card subject to change moment where he instead faced off with the one and only TJ Perkins!

Not a bad change, though we hope to see Bailey vs Gargano in the future.

Despite the change, Johnny had no issue in defeating Perkins. Better luck next time!



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Johnny Gargano vs. Chris Hero vs. Josh Alexander.

Got your attention?

This match happened at SMASH Wrestling on May 17th. And if you’ve missed it, you can check it out on SMASH’s On-Demand service! Click here for that.

But if you keep these spoilers between you and me, you should know that Johnny retained his title after pinning Josh Alexander with a crucifix pin.

Also, GOLD featured the GOLD tournament, where the winner would get a shot at the SMASH title.. spoilers again! Candice LeRae won and will be facing off with Johnny at a later date!


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Do you hear about a match and get incredibly jealous of everyone who actually got to attend see the gloriousness live? Cause we know we do.

That’s how we felt when Johnny wrestled Chris Sabin at AAW on May 1st.

We heard they blew the roof off the place, which was not shocking because the amount of talent in the ring.. but still.

Who came out on top?

Johnny of course! 115 Bourbon Street better be some of his biggest fans.

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Johnny just keeps adding those titles to his waist.

When will you???

At SMASH Wrestling’s event ‘The Art of War’, Johnny finally got what was deserved and he brought gold straight into FOURTH GUNN. Killin’ it, dude.

He faced off with longtime friend and foe, Matt Cross, for SMASH Wrestling’s championship and came out the victor. We hope he keeps the belt for a long, long time.


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We’re gonna say it. We’re tired of The Dudes on TV. They’re boring, annoying and we just doooooon’t care. So when we heard that finally, Johnny’d get to destroy Ethan Carter III? We nearly went to Ohio for it ourselves.


Ask around.

But then we heard results and we just got mad. Screw Raymond Rowe and Zema Ion. SCREW ‘EM.

They apparently hit Johnny with a ring bell and so Johnny lost. Rude as can be.

Kick their ass soon, please.


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