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All Heart…
Name: John Gargano
Ring Name(s): Cedrick Von Haussen, Joey Gray, Johnny Gargano
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Date of Birth: August 14, 1987
Working For: Dragon Gate USA, Chikara
Mini Biography: Johnny Gargano's infatuation with wrestling skyrocketed at the age of eight-years-old, when he first stepped inside of a wrestling ring. Eight years later, the Ohio native would enroll in Cleveland All–Pro Wrestling's school, and since then the independent sensation has yet to quit. Making his professional wrestling debut in 2005, Johnny Gargano has since then torn through the independent wrestling world - making his name prominent in companies such as Dragon Gate USA and Chikara. Johnny Gargano is "All Heart" and has a long history to prove it.

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  • The first dating scene between Rocky, and Adrian in the original "Rocky" is a lot more date rapey than I remember it being.
  • RT @BookItGabe: Statement About Last Weekend's EVOLVE Cards And The Future: http://t.co/FAYytUxQfx


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Jul 12th,
DREAMWAVE Results | Summer Spectacular!
Filed in DREAMWAVE, Results | Author: Em

Johnny made his back to LaSalle, Illinois this weekend with an open challenge on his mind. Thanks to the wonderful folks over at PWPonderings, we’ve got results for the event.

Johnny made his way to the ring and let the crowd know he only wanted DREAMWAVE’s best to answer his contract. Unfortunately, he couldn’t face himself so who else could answer? The returning Reed “BY GOD” Bentley, of course! According to the results, the two went toe to toe until Johnny hit the Hurts Donut and then locked in the Garga-NO Escape to make Reed tap out.

We’re sure it was a spectacular (no pun intended) match so keep an eye out here for the DVD!

Jun 30th,
The Kevin Steen Show | Preview!
Filed in Video | Author: Sam

Fresh outta kickin’ the tar out of Ethan Page and blessing all the wrestling fans of the world, the video preview we’ve all been waiting for has finally come! In his first ever lengthy interview, Johnny sat down with Kevin Steen over Wrestlemania weekend to discuss his life, his career, his injury at EVOLVE 10, and so, so much more. Enjoy the preview above, and be sure to order the DVD immediately. We promise, it’s worth every cent.

PS: Thanks for the shout out, you filthy animal!
- (Love Samantha (yes, I’m still here) & Em)


Show »

The Kevin Steen Show is pleased to announce  that we finally sat down with the “Master of Lucharesu”, Johnny Gargano. In this interview, we learn about his debut at the tender young age of 8 as one third of the six man trio known as The Men in Black.  Although they never reached the heights of the Fabulous Freebirds, they were close in their own mind.We also talk about his time as the Champion of Liechtenstein, the country where people dress like elves.  Of course, we talk about the smaller stuff like his 873 day reign as Open the Freedom Gate Champion, going to Japan and his current run in PWG. You know the other stuff.

All joking aside, Johnny talks about a moment were a handicap almost ended his career. In a very serious Steen Show moment, Johnny talks about his near signing with TNA Wrestling to be a Twilight Vampire.

So, sit back back and enjoy as we talk to the Master of Lucharesu, Champion of Liechtenstein, and Cleveland’s Own, Johnny Gargano.

Additional Information:
1. Order the DVD!
2. Video Download!

Jun 29th,
AIW Results | Absolution IX!
Filed in Absolute Intense Wrestling, Results | Author: Sam

It’s that time of year again… Absolution!

One of the home promotions of All Heart, Johnny Gargano, AIW ran it’s yearly show, and this year, a grudge certainly needed to come to an edge. Cocky and disrespectful, Ethan came to AIW several years ago seemingly with the belief that he was certainly higher than everyone else. Stepping all over the fellow talent, and cheating his way to the top, Ethan soon ran into one of the foundation blocks of AIW, Johnny Gargano.

After disrespecting JT Lightning, things lit up far more than they ever had before, and since last year’s tournament, the two have collided several times. Tonight at Absolution, it seemed like the perfect time to end it.

…And perhaps, Johnny did just that.

In a match so intense that the referee had to stop it, Johnny brought Ethan to the limit until the match came to an end, without Ethan or Johnny’s actual consent. With another win in his column in the popular Gargano/Page saga, is this just another battle, or has Gargano finally won the war?

Nonetheless, congratulations Johnny! Keep kickin’ him right back over the border for all the kids in America!

Jun 22nd,
PWE Results | Summer Sha Bang!
Filed in Pro Wrestling Eclipse, Results | Author: Sam

We all hate Ethan Page, right?

Me, you, your mom, your mother’s best friend, your great Aunt, your cousin twice removed. He’s quite the hateable guy, and Johnny has unfortunately ran into the upstart several times over the past year since colliding with him at good ol’ AIW. Their feud has seemed to expand even further, and tonight at PWE’s “Summer Sha Bang,” Johnny got another match.

…However, things didn’t go to plan. It seems they never do with All Ego is in the picture.

With Special Guest Referee Rocky Johnson in the picture, Johnny unfortunately didn’t walk out with another win against Ethan Page. Instead, all he earned was a little bit more motivation to absolutely destroy the cocky Canadian in a week’s time at AIW’s Absolution IX.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for next week! We’re already writing a snide response for your loss, Ethan.

Jun 20th,
Xcite Results | Anger Managment!
Filed in Results, Xcite Wrestling | Author: Sam

Xcite has certainly become one of the most exciting wrestling in the Eastern part of the United States, and tonight, Johnny made his return. Heading into a triple threat, Johnny stood toe-to-toe with one man he has a certain history with, AR Fox, as well as the popular Pepper Parks. Binghampton, New York asked for a show, and they certainly got it.

And of course, the result was the same as it always is, Johnny ran out with the victory.

And that’s what you get when you turn down Johnny’s dream match, AR Fox. Absolute brutality. Maybe next time, fellas!

Jun 13th,
DREAMWAVE Results | Celebrate LaSalle Festival & Immortality!
Filed in DREAMWAVE, Results | Author: Em

Last weekend, Johnny made his way to LaSalle, Illinois to wrestle once again at DREAMWAVE Wrestling! Below are results from PWPonderings!

On June 6th, at the Celebrate LaSalle Festival, Johnny faced The Dodgeball Superstar himself, Tyler Priegel! Though he was pelted with dodgeballs, Johnny came out the victor.

The very next day, June 7th, it was Immortality! Johnny didn’t have a match set.. but as Matt Cage threw out the challenge to anyone in the back who thought they could beat him, Johnny accepted.

After what has been described as one hell of a bout, Johnny unfortunately got distracted by Chris Castro and was quickly defeated by Cage.

With special thanks to Kristine Roper (@GoddessofCats), we have some photos of Immortality! Be sure to check out the rest of her photos as well.

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3. More photographs of the rest of the event! 

Jun 8th,
IHWExperience Results |
Filed in Results | Author: Sam

You’re welcome, Texas.

Though Texas is known for several noteworthy Heroes in history, you were finally graced with the presence of wrestling’s finest. Your Hero, Johnny Gargano, headed down to Fort Worth to make his debut for Insane Hardcore Wrestling Entertainment. Taking on Thomas Shire, Johnny, of course, pulled out with the victory, and we’re sure he left Texas as fast as he could.

Congratulations, partner!

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