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Welcome to 2015 everyone! Johnny’s already got tons on tap for the year but first off, he was down in Florida for an EVOLVE doubleshot!

For EVOLVE 36, he was slated to wrestle Caleb Konley, but injury took him out. So who would face the champ?

The show started with Johnny in the ring, thanking the fans for their support and talking about how EVOLVE is the place for young and hungry talent and that now, EVOLVE roster members would be able to bring in younger wrestlers for their shot on the roster. This led to Johnny’s former roster member Rich Swann coming out and letting everybody know he was bringing in the first young wrestler. Who was it? Shane “SWERVE” Strickland!

Within a few moments, the match between Gargano and Strickland was made a title match and on they went.

But who won? Johnny Gargano of course! Via submission. The two men shook hands afterwards and out came Moose, the Bravado’s bodyguard. He then speared Johnny which we found to be incredibly rude.

Later on, Moose and the Bravado’s came out after Rich Swann’s match and began the beatdown. Johnny made the save and a match was made for the next night at EVOLVE 37.. Johnny Gargano, Rich Swann and the returning Chuck Taylor versus Moose and Bravado’s.. and whoever lost? Would never be able to team again.

Which leads us to the next night.

Which team would never team again? The newly reunited Ronin or the Bravados? Well, if you’re a Ronin fan, you should be happy because if the time ever comes, they can reunite once more! Yes, that’s right – Ronin defeated Moose and the Bravados.. but the night wasn’t over yet for Johnny. Not even close.

Once the match came to a close, out came EVOLVE champion Drew Galloway to have a staredown with the Open the Freedom Gate champion. What will this lead to? We smell a unification match at the Mania weekend shows.. but we’ll see.

As you can see, we have some great candid shots of EVOLVE 37 as well as EVOLVE 32 thanks to Bobby! Give him a follow, will ya?

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Written By: Em   ♦ Jan 13, 2015   ♦ Filled under: Evolve, Results

Thanks to the very talented Claudiu, we’re ringing in the New Year just a little bit early with some brand new looks for both the main page and the gallery. Be sure to check out the gallery which is best viewed in Google Chrome. All layout image credit comes from these folks – who you should really be checking out because their work is phenomenal. GoddessofCats, IchibanDrunk, Tony Knox and Devin Chen

Speaking of the gallery, in the New Year, we will be updating to the best of our abilities with screencaptures as well as other images. Both of us have had internet and computer issues as of late, but now that everything is set and great, we want to be as caught up as possible! We will also be continuing to bring the most up to date updates on Johnny himself. We’re not goin’ anywhere, you guys got it?

Another note is that we have a brand new email. Got any candids, videos or results to share? Comments? Concerns? Send them right along to jgarganocom@outlook.com.

With that said, make sure to follow us on Twitter @JGarganoCom and let us know what you think about the new looks. Plus be sure you’re following @JohnnyGargano. You should be already but we won’t judge.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


Written By: Em   ♦ Dec 29, 2014   ♦ Filled under: Site Update

Matt Cross, Ethan Carter III, Briley Pierce, and DJZ are bastards. Yeah, we said it.

After a messy end to Hell on Earth X, Johnny was certainly looking for revenge, and he assumed he was going to be able to obtain just that at Charge It To The Underhills. Teaming up with fellow longtime AIW original, Josh Prohibition, Johnny seemingly had it all set in stone for tonight’s show. However, EC3 opted not to show, and instead sent Briley Pierce and DJZ in his place.

With the match officially changed to DJZ and Matt Cross against two of the heroes of AIW, hope still seemed to be on their side until Briley interfered, giving DJZ and Matt Cross the victory.

However, we’re certain that this is just the beginning. And sometime very soon Those Guys From TV will finally get their Paula Deen just desserts. Yeah. We went there.

Written By: Sam   ♦ Dec 26, 2014   ♦ Filled under: Absolute Intense Wrestling, Results

If you don’t know the name Josh Alexander, then you’ve been living under the rock. An impressive wrestler out of Canada, Josh has put on several clinics in 2014, and we were certain that tonight, he’d put on another. Taking on our good ol’ Cleveland boy, Gargano, Josh took on quite the fight. However, unfortunately for all of us, and for Johnny, Josh managed to pull out ahead with the victory — proving why he might just be the future of the independent scene.

However, all of us are hoping for a rematch.

…And maybe twenty more after that.

Written By: Sam   ♦ Dec 14, 2014   ♦ Filled under: Results, Smash Wrestling

Our favorite Johnny is back in Reseda, California for another PWG event!

Originally, it was meant to be him, Chuck Taylor and Trent? vs. ACH, Rich Swann and AR Fox. Sounds simple enough, right? Of course, not everything goes right. This is wrestling.

Instead of Trent?, Bobby Fish substituted for him! Which, is pretty rad if you think about it.

The result of the match? Not so rad. Bobby unfortunately fell to the Low Mein Pain  and Swann, Fox and ACH picked up the win. We heard it was pretty festive.. when it’s out for preorder, you guys should totally make it your late Christmas gift!


Written By: Em   ♦ Dec 13, 2014   ♦ Filled under: Pro Wrestling Guerrilla

After unfortunately dealing with a loss at the last DREAMWAVE show, and narrowly missing out on the DREAMWAVE Title, Johnny headed into tonight’s show looking to prove himself. However, in his quest to do just that, he ran into quite the impressive brick wall. A brick wall by the name of Chris Castro. Unfortunately, Johnny walked out with yet another tick in the loss column at DREAMWAVE.

…Maybe next time?

Written By: Sam   ♦ Dec 06, 2014   ♦ Filled under: DREAMWAVE, Results

Returning back to Saint Louis Anarchy, Johnny was set to take on Zakk Sawyers. Merely 22, Zakk has already become quite the familiar name, and this was his opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately for him, however, he was set up against one of the best pound-for-pound wrestlers in the United States, and fell victim to Gargano tonight in Alton. Congratulations again, Johnny!

Written By: Sam   ♦ Dec 05, 2014   ♦ Filled under: Results, Saint Louis Anarchy

Matt Cage has become a household name in the independent scene over the past year. As man who has all the potential to skyrocket to the top of the food chain, and a drive that just might allow that, Johnny headed into AAW tonight with quite the mighty challenge. Unfortunately for him, the challenge did prove to be too much, and Matt Cage walked away with the victory after a successful Money Clip. Maybe next time, eh, Johnny?

Written By: Sam   ♦ Nov 29, 2014   ♦ Filled under: AAW, Results

It’s another round of Hell on Earth. Things always seem to go awry whenever Johnny steps into an AIW ring, and this show was certainly no different. With an epic and years-long story with fellow Clevelander, Matt Cross, Johnny certainly always seems to bring his all against the opposition. And this time, he sparred no expense. However, things worked against him — as they always seem to do in Cleveland. Although he walked away with the technical victory, it was by a certain disqualification. One that we’re more than sure of that he’s now focused on avenging.

May the odds ever be in your favor, Gargano!

Written By: Sam   ♦ Nov 28, 2014   ♦ Filled under: Absolute Intense Wrestling, Results