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July 23rd, 2016 marks Johnny Gargano’s final match in AAW. He’s wrestled there on and off since 2009, giving countless incredible matches and meeting amazing fans. Below are results from his final show, be sure to catch the show on DVD soon!

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa def Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett after double team running knees on Everett. Ciampa then got the pin
This is Gargano and Ciampa’s last AAW match
– Ciampa says one more show is going to be added to AAW’s schedule in September. He teases wrestling for the world title at that show.
– Gargano thanks everyone and talks about what AAW meant to him.

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With the announcement of Johnny’s final independent wrestling date, and it of course being an AIW show, all eyes were on this show to see just what he could be up to. Below we’ve got results, but first, be sure you go on and purchase tickets to his final show & head on over to both aiwrestling.com and AIWarchives.com to see more of Johnny in AIW.

Onto results!

Candice LeRae & Johnny Gargano defeat Ethan Carter III & Karlee Perez

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Brian Fritz talks with Johnny Gargano about the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, working in NXT, the changing landscape throughout all of wrestling, EVOLVE, teaming with Tomasso Ciampa and facing him in the first round of the tournament, meeting the MachoMan as a kid plus his wild night of celebrating the Cavaliers NBA championship in Cleveland.

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Melrose, MA. Galloway vs. Gargano. A grudge match if you’ve ever seen one. As always, it was broadcast on WWNLive.com and you can catch the replay/VOD now. We suggest it. If you can’t, below are results!

Thanks to those at PWPonderings for ’em!

Drew Galloway vs. Johnny Gargano

Galloway defeated Gargano in their first ever bout to unite the Evolve and Open the United Gate titles. Then Gargano won by disqualification when EC3 interfered. Immediate superkick and dive by Gargano. I’m glad they didn’t start out exchanging wristlocks. Gargano continues kicking Galloway’s ass until a kick turns the tide. He sets up for the slingshot under the ring similar to what he did to Gulak the previous night. Slingshot goes through. Some heavy strikes by Galloway. To the top rope. Gargano squirms out and hits a superkick to the knee. Backcracker. Roll through and the superkick. Superman spear. 1-2-NO! Powerbomb by Galloway. Gargano sends Galloway into the post and then hits a huge DDT. Slingshot DDT for two. Series of chops in the corner. Lawn dart countered. Enziguri anyway by Gargano. Electric chair into the face plant by Galloway. GargaNo Escape applied by Galloway. Gargano reverses the hold. Galloway sent into the corner. GargaNo Escape applied again. Boot and Future Shock DDT for two by Gargano. Galloway hangs onto the ropes. He goes to the eyes. Boot and series of Future Shock DDTs. 1-2-NO! Galloway puts Gargano on the top rope and spits in his face. Gargano catches him with a boot. Cross body caught. Pair of tombstones. 1-2-NO! Galloway is incredulous at the official. Slap and roll-up by Gargano. Superkick. Sick kick and another tombstone leads to a Galloway victory.

Winner (s)/Rating: Drew Galloway

Galloway declares July 17 “Independent Wrestling Day” and says he needs to finish this right now. Ethan Page comes into make the save. RKEgo on Galloway. Gargano shoves Page away. Clearly, he’s been watching his Sting tapes on the award winning WWE Network. Gargano says he’s not sure how much longer he can do this. He thanks the crowd and leaves.

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Queens, NY. EVOLVE 64. You should’ve caught it on WWNLive.com because by card alone, it seemed like it’d be something special. And from what we hear? It definitely delivered. Can’t watch the show yet? Below we’ll have results!

But just as a refresher, you can still get a VOD on WWNLive.com AND you can purchase EVOLVE 65 for tomorrow. Do it. You likely won’t regret it. Onto results! Shout out to the great folks at PWPonderings!

Johnny Gargano vs. Cedric Alexander

Similar to the actual Crusierweight Classic, the official asks both men about the rules and has them follow the code of honor. Feeling out process picks up quickly with some nice counters and chain wrestling. Superman spear in the ring as these two show some lightning quickness. Alexander gets on the offense with a nice dropkick. Tope suicida to the outside. As much as Evolve has become about the grappling style with Catch Point and Thatcher, this match showed that there’s some of the spot guys who can deliver a fun back and forth match. This was a tremendous showcase of both guys movesets. This got the crowd into the show right away and was a hoot to watch. Series of strikes and kicks. They eventually superkick each other down. Gargano counters a lumbar check into a GargaNo Escape and gets the tapout victory.

Winner (s)/Rating: Johnny Gargano/****

Galloway attacks Gargano after the match, but Page makes the save and takes the chair shots for his friend and former partner. Drew Gulak runs in and dropkicks Galloway. I guess it’s on. Then as the match is about to begin, CHUCK TAYLOR ATTACKS DREW GULAK! HOLY CRAP! Fred Yehi and Tracy Williams run out to stop the madness. Galloway calls Chuck Taylor “Dustin.” We’re using shoot names now. Galloway challenges Catch Point for the Evolve tag team titles later on. Williams calls Evolve their home and asks Gulak if they want to defend it. Gulak agrees, and there we go.

Later on, Ethan Page mentions Gargano and how he needs to forgive him, because he needs a partner and a friend.

After Galloway/Dustin vs Catch Point, Galloway says they broke Evolve’s spirit tonight and they’ll rip out the heart the next night when Galloway defeats Gargano. Galloway says Taylor, EC3, Hero, Rhodes, and himself will all be in the house. Taylor says he’s been in Evolve since day one and buries Gulak for being in CZW. Taylor wants to know where his contract is. He says Chuck Taylor is now dead. Gargano will have his back broken.

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Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Last time, Johnny defeated his tag partner Ciampa to continue on in the tournament. This week, tapings were once again held for the next round. Below are spoilers. Turn back now if you DON’T want to be spoiled!

TJ Perkins defeated Johnny Gargano in the main event. This was a really great match with the crowd behind both guys. There was a scary spot where Gargano flipped onto TJ outside but his legs hit the timekeeper’s table and chair. Gargano sold a leg injury but lawn darts TJ into the turnbuckle for a near fall. TJ locked on a leg lock for a huge upset win. After the match, they hug. A trainer comes out to check on Gargano and help him to the back.

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Hello all! Below are spoilers for upcoming NXT shows, airing on the WWE Network! Please keep an eye out for them, and check our gallery for photos. Again, spoilers, so if you don’t want to know what happened, turn back now!

August 3rd:

After the match, the champions cut a promo running down who they’ve beat. They’re interrupted by Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano, who come out wearing their Pro Wrestling Tees shirts. They do comedy, including some Pokemon jokes. They want to college the NXT Tag Team Titles and say The Revival hasn’t beat them. Dash and Dawson tell them to go back to their basements. A brawl breaks out, and Gargano and Ciampa hit their double team move. They cover Dash for a three count, then celebrate with the titles before laying them back down for The Revival to retrieve

August 10th:

* Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa defeated Tucker Knight and Patrick Clark in a quick match

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Back to NY for EVOLVE, Queens to be specific! As usual, you can catch the replay on WWNLive.com & results are courtesy of PWPonderings. Go on and check them out for the results for the rest of the show – we heard it was a great one.

Johnny Gargano def Drew Galloway via DQ after EC3 runs into the ring and attacks Gargano
– Long promo by EC3 as he buries NXT, Triple H, and even Bill DeMott. They lay waste to the Evolve locker room. Ethan Page makes the save. Next show on June 10. Gargano and TJP versus EC3 and Galloway.

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Another weekend, another EVOLVE doubleheader. And of course Johnny is wrestling on them, where else would he be! EVOLVE 60 took place at the MCW arena in Joppa, MD on May 6th, 2016 and hoo boy, did Johnny ever have a dream match. Gargano vs Scurll. It actually happened. Described as a piece of art. Of course, if you missed it, you can check out the replay at WWNLive.com!

Spoilers ahead!

Johnny Gargano defeated Marty Scurll, making him tap out to the GargaNO-Escape.

Gargano cuts a promo and calls out Drew Galloway. Gargano talks about how great pro wrestling is now, how great the WWE partnership is and that Galloway had his chance in WWE and he blew it.  Tells Drew to not ruin it for everyone else.  Drew thinks about talking and instead begins to beat down Gargano. In comes Ethan Page for the save, leading to Galloway/Page.

After the match, Galloway runs down WWE and how they’re killing independent wrestling while continuing to attack Page. Gargano makes save with chair, Galloway walks off. Page reaches up for Gargano…but Gargano walks off. Someone is still mad.

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