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August 15th. Woodside, Queens, New York. EVOLVE 47.

Many were holding their breath as this show neared closer. They were excited for these two men to face off in an Anything Goes match, which was destined to be wild.

Courtesy of PWPonderings, we’ve got some detailed results from this evenings show. Check them out and be sure to check the rest of the results by clicking HERE.

Johnny Gargano came to the ring to check on his friend, Swann, but Gulak cuts a promo on him, saying Catch Point is the new force and challenges them for a future match, but Gargano calls for it now and they go face to face, but Catch Point leaves. Gargano then talks about his Anything Goes match against Ethan Page tonight, until EVOLVE & Dragon Gate USA Open The Freedom Gate Champion Timothy Thatcher comes out, exchanging words with Gulak on his way to the ring. Thatcher cuts a promo on Gargano being the greatest DG-USA champion in the company’s history and CIMA might not even like him, saying he is a much more worthy holder of the DGUSA Title and hands it over to him, shakes his hand and leaves! Swann takes the title from Gargano and places it around his friend’s waist.

Anything Goes: “All Ego” Ethan Page def Johnny Gargano
Page had Gargano down and held a chair over his head, when Rich Swann came out to stop him and save his best friend, only to blast Gargano with a Superkick! Swann stands over his friend, before letting Page destroy Gargano with multiple chair shots and then hold Gargano in place, as Swann connected with a Frog Splash and Page put a foot on Johnny’s chest for the 3 count.

Page cuts a promo on Gargano, telling him his mystery opponent for tomorrow night has been found and says Swann will be that man. Swann cuts a promo on his past with Gargano and says Thatcher giving him the title earlier, showed him what kind of guy Johnny truly is. Swann is holding the DG-USA Open The Freedom Gate title as he and Page hold Garagao down and Swann cuts a promo on how Johnny was a false idol. Swann then puts the title on Page and goes back after Gargano.

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AIW held a show in Strongsville, Ohio on Friday, August 14th. It was apart of Wrestling Geek Fest, and it was an intergender wrestling show.

Yes, as in it was men versus women.

Those in attendance were sure to point out just how good the show was and Johnny took on someone he’s faced a few times now.. Candice LeRae.

Perhaps it’s a warmup match to next weekend where they again face off.. but for now, who was the victor?

Johnny of course! He pinned Candice with a roll up.

Happy birthday!

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First it was a dark match.. now it’s a match that will actually air on television?! Johnny’s on his way UP.

Now of course, the following results are SPOILERS. So read on with caution.

This match will air on either August 26th or September 2nd:

Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa defeated Tyler Breeze & Bull Dempsey when Ciampa pinned Bull. Afterwards, Tyler and Bull fought over the loss.

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The fans of AAW better know just how lucky they were to attend Bound by Hate 2015.


They got to witness Johnny Gargano versus Matt Sydal and we’re certainly upset that we didn’t get to be there to see the action in person.

But the winner? Other than the fans of course..

Johnny Gargano made Matt Sydal tap out to the Garga-NO Escape.

Racking up wins like nobodys business. Congratulations!

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Quebec, Canada was finally blessed by Johnny Gargano and they definitely know it.

On July 31st & August 1st, he made a visit up to the province, stopping by for NSPW in Quebec City and St. Prosper to have a couple of matches.

On Night One, he wrestled and defeated Speedball Mike Bailey and on Night Two? He defeated a man by the name of Travis Toxic.

Congrats, Johnny!

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Johnny doesn’t visit Beyond enough. Maybe he’s too busy or it just doesn’t work out and that’s all fine and dandy, but darnit. Beyond is some good stuff, alright.

We’re not just saying that because they ended up pitting Johnny against David Starr and that might’ve been a small dream match for us. We’re not biased. Don’t worry.

So on July 26th, these two talented men faced off.. and the winner?

Well, it WAS David Starr, but we strike that down because he totally cheated.

After a foreign object shot, he even made Johnny tap out with his own move.


We hope Johnny comes for his revenge soon.

’til then, you can purchase Americanrana 2015 here!

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What a wild night full of wild matches, including the returns of some beloved.. but about Johnny?

Well he faced off with Brian Cage and unfortunately lost.


We’re not happy about it either.

He also tried to make the save later in the night in a whole mess involving the new Mount Rushmore but he got beat down.

Again: not happy.


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Scotty O’Shea has a weird name. We know, we know. We’ll say it.

It’d sound even weird if SMASH Champion was added to it.

Which is why, when on July 19th SMASH rolled into town, we figured that he’d lose to Johnny and Johnny’d keep his title.


After a hard fought match, it almost looked like Scotty was going to skimp by with a victory.. until a masked man made his presence known and Johnny retained.

… though we know that even if that man HADN’T appeared, Johnny would’ve still retained. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.

But now the question is.. who is it?

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AAW just continues to put out such a stellar product that it baffles us when people say they don’t watch it. You should be watching it. Take our word for it!

Another night in AAW led to a championship match and something a little questionable.. we shall see where it all goes but for now? Here are the results courtesy of PWPonderings.

Backstage promo with Johnny Gargano turns into a promo with Kingston and Hollister in which it appears they may be teaming in the future.

AAW Heavyweight Championship
Ethan Page def Johnny Gargano to retain after a low blow and pulling on the tights

That damn Ethan Page..


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